Once upon a time, on Father’s Day, I sent my Dad the gift of a hammock.

He wrote me a thank-you note, telling me he had gone right out to his deck at his North Carolina lake home and put the hammock up. Unfortunately, he said, it had thrown him immediately, and he feared he had pulled a leg musical.

Spelling never was Dad’s strong suit.

I thought of the episode with my Dad while I was up on a step stool, leaning over the water softener, and pulling on the water valve handle with all my might. I think I may have pulled a side musical.

If you remember, I had forgotten where the the shut-off valve for the front outside water was for a few years. I recently discovered it in my utility closet. It was hiding directly behind another pipe, and I couldn’t reach it.

I went to Home Depot and bought this handy water-valve-opening tool. You hold on to the handles, slip the hook under the valve lever arm, and pull up. Be careful to not poke your eyes out with the sharpened ends of the handles.

handy water-valve-opening tool

Okay, it’s really an outdoor plant hanger. But the Home Depot guy said they didn’t have any handy water-valve-opening tools.

So I set up the step stool, leaned over the water softener, contorted my body so I could see the water valve handle, and hooked it with the handy yadda-yadda, and pulled. And pulled and pulled and pulled until my side ached and the water softener lid buckled.

Don’t worry, the water softener lid is molded plastic and popped right back up once I got off of it.

The valve handle had come up 45 degrees from vertical, so it looked like it was halfway open, at least. I ran to check the outside spigot on the front of the house. Nope, not even a trickle. I guess it has to be all the way open before I can have water.

I bundled the 3 hoses to the back yard, linked them all together, and snaked them to the front yard to water Rocky 2, the new crimson barberry shrubs, and all the other plants.

Time for plan B, whatever that may be. I’ll get back to you on that.

Stay tuned…