About 25 years ago, my sisters and I started the Women’s Adventure Club. We each invited one friend, and we took turns planning a once-a-month, secret adventure for the group.

Now, when I say “adventure”, keep in mind that we were a pretty low-key bunch of women. We just wanted to get out of the house, meet each others friends, and try something a little different.

We had a twenty dollar limit, it had to be kept a surprise, and it couldn’t focus on eating. So much for the plan to make people try the peach syrup on their Perkins pancakes, instead of always reaching for the maple.

Our intrepid group of adventurers tried canoeing, pistol shooting, archery, ice-skating, a walking tour of Summit Avenue mansions, a play put on by the historical society, and horseback riding ( there were injuries).

We also took a riverboat cruise, watched professional wrestling (lots of fake- I hope- blood), took in a play at the Guthrie theater, attended a Queen Ida concert, and took a fall tour of a nature center.

The Women’s Adventure Club had come up a few times in conversation recently, so I floated the idea of reviving it as WAC (Women’s Adventure Club) 2015. The sisters were all for it, and the nieces are old enough to participate now, too. If we each invite a friend, we will have more members than we can handle.

I took the first turn at planning. I invited all the women to meet me at the Burnsville Center Sears men’s department this past Saturday at noon. That was to keep them in the dark about our true plans.

Out of our potentially humongous group, 8 women arrived at Sears. Then, in two cars, we drove over to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Indian reservation (say that 10 times fast—hell, say that one time fast) for their big annual wacipi (pow wow).

It was hot as blazes, and there was no shade, so we just set up our camp chairs near the metal bleachers. We didn’t have to wait long for the Grand Entry. It was a long, colorful parade of the veteran’s color guard, followed by all the dancers who would later compete, along with a few babies in costume dancing along to the drumbeat.


The Grand Entry took a while, then there were lots speeches, and a couple more smaller parades honoring veterans and the tribe members that passed away in the previous year.

We saw a few of the men’s dances, and then, melting in the heat, we decided to call it a day. We’d been in the sun for over 2 hours, and we were approaching our limits of endurance.

I perked up a bit when I saw there was a shopping opportunity, and I bought a couple pairs of earrings. I hope my BFF “T” is okay with that, as I used the cash I’d withdrawn to pay her for cleaning the house this week.

All agreed, we had a lot of fun, and going to a pow wow was something most of us had never done before. A successful adventure! I wonder what No.2 Sis is planning for September?

Stay tuned…