From Necklace to Earrings

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I found a necklace made of beautiful glass beads while shopping in a consignment store last month. I thought I could make many lovely pairs of earrings from it, so I bought it.

There was a small kerfuffle when I tried to pay the date marked on the tag (8.25), instead of the price (14.00). But, we soon had it all resolved, and I was the proud owner of a vintage glass necklace.

Here are some of the earrings I made.




Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.

Autumnal Equinox, Or 296

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It’s the Autumnal Equinox. Don’t forget to dance naked in the moonlight!

I took advantage of the cooling temperatures to get some work done in the garage last Sunday. It was around 70 degrees F, which was perfect, as my comfort range is 70-72. If it’s 68, I think I’m freezing, and if it’s 74, I feel I’ll faint from the heat.

Yes, I am a delicate tundra flower.

No.2 Sis came over to help me clean. I get so much more done with her help!

We broke down boxes from my over-shopping days. We stuffed the recycling bin to overflowing (it was already over half full) and I counted it as 2 bags. That’s a very conservative guesstimate.

Do you realize how sad it’s been for me lately, coming home to a porch devoid of delivered boxes? Sigh, my budget thanks me.

I put 2 bags of garbage in the trash bin. It was all packing material from the aforementioned boxes.

We uncovered the broken mate to the aspirational chair. That had to go in the trash bin, too.

I found several gym bags (unused, of course). I used to get them for free for buying other stuff. More clutter. They went into a bag for Goodwill.

No.2 Sis took a table that No.8 Sis had been storing in my garage. No.8 just had a big rummage sale, so she has room in her garage now.

No.2 Sis also took a stack of moving boxes that look like they’d never been used. I’ll count that as 1 bag.

And No.2 Sis took a bag of weeds that I’d pulled from around the maple tree (Rocky 2) this spring. She added the dirt swept up from the garage floor, and she’ll take it to the compost site. She’s so green.

The only trouble with sweeping the dirt out is the garage floor is flat now. I used to know when to stop the car by when I rolled over the big hump of dirt.

garage, sept 2015

I still have some boxes stacked on the side wall, and the work-bench needs clearing off again, but what an improvement!

So that’s 9 bags on Sunday, which brings my total to 296 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture that I’ve gotten rid of since January, 2014.

Stay tuned…



WAC 2015, September

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The Women’s Adventure Club 2015 had its second outing last Saturday. September’s adventure was planned by No.2 Sis, and we met at my house before-hand.

From there, we went to Perkins for breakfast, and the adventure was revealed amid coffee and pancakes. All adventures should be revealed amid coffee and pancakes, in my humble opinion.

We drove down to Lakeville, Minnesota, on the very southern edge of Minneapolis/St. Paul and attended the Lakeville Art Festival. There were over 70 artists displaying their wares, and we made sure to visit every booth.

WAC 2015, September

I won’t name any names, but some of us were doing MAJOR jewelry shopping! Four pairs of earrings, each one from a different artist.

I ran into “A”, my co-worker at The Company, and she showed me a Steampunk style necklace she had bought. Hah! I pulled my only purchase out of my purse, another Steampunk necklace from the same booth!

Steampunk necklace

Eventually, we wandered away from each other, singly and in small groups, as some people moved faster than others. We naturally re-formed as a group in the food vending area. You know what they say, “Deep-fry it, and they will come”.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor adventure, 70 degrees F, and sunny. I’m looking forward to whatever No.1 Sis is planning for next month!

Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.

Bubbles of Joy

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I found this picture of me, from 1962. I was 4 years old.

Laurel age 4

I do not like football, nor have I ever liked football. I’m sure that sweatshirt was a hand-me-down from an older brother.

I tried to like football when I was in high school. Every year, we had a few days called “Enrichment Days”, when we’d have learning activities outside of the classroom. I took “Football Appreciation” one year. I learned about off-sides, first-downs, and interceptions. It failed to significantly enhance my appreciation of the sport.

I think most of those “enrichment” classes were designed by Dick Cheney and the CIA. One year, I went on a 20 mile bike ride. My parents felt that 3 bikes were plenty for 9 kids, so I never actually had my own bicycle. I borrowed No.4 Sis’ used, crappy 3-speed bike, while all the other kids had sleek 10-speeds. We were supposed to be back at school at 3:00, but it took me until 6:00 p.m.

I don’t remember much about that day, except every muscle I had ached, and I had blisters on my feet. Did I end up walking the bike for miles?

Dr. Ima Shrink would find such a fragmented memory ripe for psychoanalysis. No doubt I’ve repressed my memories due to trauma. Somewhere, deep inside, I’m probably still angry about the whole event. Anger balls up and lives inside my body like a toxic bubble, just waiting to be recalled and expressed.

The bicycle-shaped anger bubble lives right next to The Church anger bubble, which is cozy with the deejay anger bubble, which lies just under the red-headed-ex-boyfriend bubbles (there are 2). Damn, that’s a lot of bubbles.

They really rarely bother me though, because joy can be held in your body, too. In fact, I drink it in and celebrate it every opportunity I get.

My greatest joy bubbles are my uncounted nieces and nephews (really, I don’t know how many there are), my 17 grand-nieces and nephews, and my sweet, little great-grand-niece.

And cats. Cats, cats, cats. Lots of cats.

Stay tuned…

p.s. Exactly zero stamp sets sold at the rummage sale. ZERO! I don’t think I can put off E-bay much longer.

p.p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.


Loll and Putter, Or 287

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I usually try to take one day per weekend to loll and putter.

I intersperse lying about reading, napping, and puzzle-solving, with a few bursts of house-cleaning activity.

Today, Saturday, was that day. I read a novel, napped, and played a hidden object game on my kindle. I lolled.

And I puttered. I typed up and e-mailed an assignment for my herbal studies.

I did a load of dishes.

I sorted through another pile in the art studio. That netted me 1 box of donations and 2 bags of recycling. I didn’t even count the flattened out boxes in the recycling. Why do I save so much paper?

studio-3, before

studio-3, after

Boy, that next pile is going to be a doozy. And I just love how it highlights my mad engineering skills. See how it’s stacked from the smallest box on the bottom to the largest box on the top?

I also ordered groceries, to be delivered tomorrow. That means I successfully procrastinated cooking for a day. Well played, I must say.

I started pulling together some outfits to wear next week. That inspired me to pull some things out of the closet that I haven’t worn and put them in a donation bag. I was able to fill an entire bag of clothes.

And, I started the laundry, even though I could leave it for “T” when she comes to clean. I’ll leave the towels and sheets for her, but if I wash the clothes I’ll have more to choose from when putting together outfits.

I think that was a good amount of puttering.

Yesterday, I heard a friend was having a rummage sale, so No.2 Sis and I boxed up my stamps and hers, and delivered them to the sale site. I hope they sell!

With the 1 box of donations, 2 bags of recycling, 1 bag of clothes, and 1 box of stamps, I’ve gotten rid of 287 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture since January, 2014.

Stay tuned…

9 Things- A Review

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I saw this on Pinterest last Sunday, while I should have been cleaning and prepping for the work week.

9 Things You Should Do Every Weekend To RESET for a Fresh, Smooth Week.

Hmm, let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Wash your sheets and make your bed. – Sorry, no, that’s my BFF “T”s job (except she comes every 2 weeks).
  2. Do all your laundry and choose your outfits for the entire week. – Again, it’s “T”s job to do the laundry, but it’s my job to put the clean clothes away. When I do that, I’m more likely to pull together my work outfits at the same time. That means less stress in the mornings. Added bonus: I look better and more pulled together, because I even pick out appropriate accessories.
  3. Pick out gym clothes for the entire week and pack them all. – Gym clothes, hahahahah!
  4. Prepare breakfast and lunch for Monday (or the entire week). – This a MUST DO! I eat SO much better if I prepare meals ahead of time. And I rarely have time to make breakfast, and NEVER have time to pack a lunch in the morning.
  5. Empty all your trashcans. – “T”. I am so spoiled.
  6. Wipe down your kitchen and bathroom, and tidy up your home. – Good idea, but…I’ve been more focused on my herbal studies than keeping the house tidy. Still, I know I can do better.
  7. Check your calendar and make a fresh to-do list. – Yay! I do this! I’m not totally disorganized!
  8. Restock your refrigerator and pantry. – I suppose I’ll have to do this if I plan on making breakfasts and lunches for the week. Not to mention dinners.
  9. Think of the little things. – Do I really have to think of the little things if I review my calendar and make a fresh to-do list? I think not.

I would add gas up the car, and clean out your purse to the list.

Purse in the process of clean-out.

Purse in the process of clean-out.

But, all in all, pretty good suggestions. I’ll leave the cleaning to “T”, but yes, I’ve been checking my calendar, and trying to prepare meals and choose outfits on the weekend. That relieves a lot of morning stress.

And being prepared is (dare I say it?) empowering. How nice to not feel like a scatter-brain because I can’t find an earring, or the mate to my shoe. And it’s lovely to feel no guilt over what I eat, because I pack healthy meals (when I pack them) instead of eating junk from the vending machines.

But, pack a gym bag? Be serious.

Stay tuned…




A Sign of the Dimes

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Not long after my Dad died, I went to a psychic (don’t judge). She told me that every time I found a dime, it was Dad’s way of saying he was watching over me.

Last Monday night, while I waiting in the Taco Bell drive-through, I was fantasizing about winning the lottery. When I pulled up to the take-out window, there were three dimes lying on the curb.

I figured that was a sign that Dad wanted me to buy three lottery tickets, obviously. So I did.

I bought three Powerball tickets. But, what if that wasn’t the right game? So I bought three Mega-millions. And three Northstar. And three Gopher5.

On Wednesday night, I checked all my tickets against the winning numbers. Gopher5, no matches. Northstar, no matches. Mega-millions, no matches.

Then, on the Powerball a number matched…and then another one matched…


That's not me.

That’s not me.

I won exactly $1. I’d spent $15 on the tickets. But I WON!

This is why I can keep going back to the casinos. Because, even though I lose hundreds, I sometimes win tens of dollars. Man, they can see me coming from a mile away.

Stay tuned…