Not long after my Dad died, I went to a psychic (don’t judge). She told me that every time I found a dime, it was Dad’s way of saying he was watching over me.

Last Monday night, while I waiting in the Taco Bell drive-through, I was fantasizing about winning the lottery. When I pulled up to the take-out window, there were three dimes lying on the curb.

I figured that was a sign that Dad wanted me to buy three lottery tickets, obviously. So I did.

I bought three Powerball tickets. But, what if that wasn’t the right game? So I bought three Mega-millions. And three Northstar. And three Gopher5.

On Wednesday night, I checked all my tickets against the winning numbers. Gopher5, no matches. Northstar, no matches. Mega-millions, no matches.

Then, on the Powerball a number matched…and then another one matched…


That's not me.

That’s not me.

I won exactly $1. I’d spent $15 on the tickets. But I WON!

This is why I can keep going back to the casinos. Because, even though I lose hundreds, I sometimes win tens of dollars. Man, they can see me coming from a mile away.

Stay tuned…