It’s the Autumnal Equinox. Don’t forget to dance naked in the moonlight!

I took advantage of the cooling temperatures to get some work done in the garage last Sunday. It was around 70 degrees F, which was perfect, as my comfort range is 70-72. If it’s 68, I think I’m freezing, and if it’s 74, I feel I’ll faint from the heat.

Yes, I am a delicate tundra flower.

No.2 Sis came over to help me clean. I get so much more done with her help!

We broke down boxes from my over-shopping days. We stuffed the recycling bin to overflowing (it was already over half full) and I counted it as 2 bags. That’s a very conservative guesstimate.

Do you realize how sad it’s been for me lately, coming home to a porch devoid of delivered boxes? Sigh, my budget thanks me.

I put 2 bags of garbage in the trash bin. It was all packing material from the aforementioned boxes.

We uncovered the broken mate to the aspirational chair. That had to go in the trash bin, too.

I found several gym bags (unused, of course). I used to get them for free for buying other stuff. More clutter. They went into a bag for Goodwill.

No.2 Sis took a table that No.8 Sis had been storing in my garage. No.8 just had a big rummage sale, so she has room in her garage now.

No.2 Sis also took a stack of moving boxes that look like they’d never been used. I’ll count that as 1 bag.

And No.2 Sis took a bag of weeds that I’d pulled from around the maple tree (Rocky 2) this spring. She added the dirt swept up from the garage floor, and she’ll take it to the compost site. She’s so green.

The only trouble with sweeping the dirt out is the garage floor is flat now. I used to know when to stop the car by when I rolled over the big hump of dirt.

garage, sept 2015

I still have some boxes stacked on the side wall, and the work-bench needs clearing off again, but what an improvement!

So that’s 9 bags on Sunday, which brings my total to 296 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture that I’ve gotten rid of since January, 2014.

Stay tuned…