Creamy Nutmeg Chicken. Nope.

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Did you know my sisters gave me a coffee cup that has a picture of a queen, with the words “Domestically Disabled” on it? Yes, they did.

cup- domestically disabled

I’ve been trying to teach myself how to cook, by actually looking in cook books and following the instructions therein. It’s been a big help, for the most part.

Last Saturday I tried a new recipe from the cook book, “Fix It and Forget It Diabetic Cooking”. First of all, this cook book is all crock pot recipes. I love the crock pot. Using the stove-top or the oven often results in semi-raw meat or over-cooked shoe leather. The crock pot makes delicious, tender meat every time.

Secondly, it’s a diabetic cookbook, so it lists all the nutrients in each recipe. I especially look at the total carbohydrates. I try to keep my carbs down to 50 grams per day or less, so I look for recipes with 15 or less grams of carbs per serving.

The recipe for Creamy Nutmeg Chicken sounded good, and it only had 12 grams of carbs per serving. It was easy to put together, and it only took 3 hours to cook in the crock. I made 4 servings so I’d have lunches for most of the week.

I had the first serving for dinner Saturday night, hot out of the crock. It was …it tasted…well, it was so nutmeggy. It was the nutmeggiest. It tasted like soap.

I looked at the recipe again. It had a quarter-teaspoon of sage, a quarter-teaspoon of thyme, a quarter-teaspoon of rosemary, and 1 TABLESPOON of nutmeg. Yes, I’d read that right, and I’d put a tablespoon of nutmeg in the dish. Do you think that was a typo, and the author really meant a teaspoon of nutmeg?

Won’t be making that recipe again. Nope.

As I was eating the nutmeggiest chicken of my life, I flipped through the cookbook and found a section in the back that showed a sample meal plan for diabetics. It averaged over 210 grams of carbohydrates per day. That’s the equivalent of 14 slices of bread! Are they trying to feed diabetics, or kill them? This is why I always, always check the carb count before making a recipe.

Maybe I should be a little more discerning about the spice quantities, too.

Stay tuned…




Crazy Busy Week, and Cheese

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I had a crazy, busy week this week, with something scheduled every night after work. That kind of schedule makes me very, very crabby.


After working 9 hours, I attended the first half of an 8 hour class, “Driving Now That You’re an Old Fart”. Actually, I believe it was called “Safe Driving For 55 Plus”, but you get the drift. You know all the things that annoy you about encountering oldsters on the road, like driving too slowly, leaving too much space between cars, slowing down for green lights, leaving turn signals on for miles? Those things are actually taught in this class.


Second half of “Decrepit Driving” class.


I had a chiropractor appointment scheduled, but I canceled it due to fatigue. Plus, it’s costing me LOTS of money to go in twice a week, and it doesn’t feel like it’s helping. No.2 Sis suggested Courage Center for physical therapy.

Anyway, I ran errands on Wednesday, including a $87 grocery store run. I was out of cheese.


My Stampin’ Up pusher, sorry, distributor, came to my workplace, The Company, and put on a SAS (Stamp-a-Stack). Me, a half-dozen co-workers, and several guests each made 15 Christmas cards. We also had a pot-luck dinner. I was in charge of set-up, tear-down, and lunch meat.



Friday was my day off. No relief. I had an 8:30 lab appointment, for which I had to start fasting right after the Thursday potluck. No bedtime cheese snack. Harumph.

Then, at 10:30, I had a channeled reading from Chanda Parkinson. This was a gift from my BFF “G”, and it was very enlightening. Chanda told me I was spreading myself too thin. Oh wait, I knew that already. The rest of the info I got was truly enlightening. Thanks Chanda, and thanks “G”!

At 11:00, No.2 Sis came over to my house and helped me move all the small furniture into the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, so the carpet cleaners could have a clear path.

Ultimate Carpet Cleaners came at noon, and did a wonderful job of cleaning my dirty carpets. I had had Stanley Steamer in not too long ago, and the carpet looked good for a day afterwards, but then reverted right back to its previous dirty state. Ultimate was much more impressive (and less expensive).

Plus we got these awesome shoe-booties.


Sis and I put the small furniture back, with strips of plastic underneath to protect the wet carpet.

Then we gussied ourselves up, gassed up Gypsy Blue and drove across town to meet our Aunt and Uncle at No.3 Bro’s art show. We figured it would take us 45 minutes. In the rain and Friday night rush hour, it took us an hour-and-a-half. We missed Aunt and Uncle, but we got to see Bro, his girlfriend, his 2 sons, and his ex-wife. And, of course, Bro’s awesome paintings and the wonderful paintings of 2 other artists.

On the way home, I ran to the grocery store (cheese).

And now it’s Saturday. Now I can rest. And feast on cheese.

Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.

Queen Bath Clean-up, or 301

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I figured the Queen Bath was overdue for a clean-up, since I could no longer see the counter.

queen bath-1

The zipper bags are from my July Women’s Weekend. The clock doesn’t work.

The needlework of the kitten confronting a praying mantis has been leaning against the wall for years, while I tried to decide between hanging it, hanging a shelf, or installing a towel rack.

I’ve used this Waterpik once and I spewed water all over myself. I guess I have to get naked to use it, much as I have to get naked when cleaning the kitchen.

queen bath-2

And why do I have aluminum foil in the bathroom? Really, tell me why, because I can’t remember.

I put everything away and wiped the sinks and counter. I replaced the upside-down shelf in the middle with the curio cabinet I got for a pretty penny from my BFF “G”s husband.

Of course, this is what I really want, but time and money are required first.

I hung the kitten needlework, which was a gift from my BFF “T”, since I’d finally bought a little free-standing towel rack.

queen bath-3

Beautiful, yes?

I also went through some old paperwork from the garage and filled 2 bags of recycling. That makes 301 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture I’ve cleared out of the house since January, 2014. Even though the bathroom counter won’t stay this beautiful for long, those papers are gone forever! Yay!

Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.

WAC 2015, October

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No.1 Sis planned the October meeting of the Women’s Adventure Club.

I asked her what to wear. She told me to just cover my naughty bits. Oh, I guess we’re not going to a Free the Nipple rally.

On Saturday, 5 women from the WAC 2015 went to the Minnesota History Center in downtown St. Paul.

No.1 Sis wanted to see the new exhibit there, Suburbia, so she planned for all of us to go  as a surprise. That’s the way it works. Find something that looks fun to you, and get everyone to go along without telling them what the adventure is.


Can you imagine driving from Minnesota to Seattle, Washington with nine people in a station wagon similar to this? Mom, Dad and No.7 Sis got the front seat. Three of the older kids got the backseat. 2 of the younger kids rode behind the back seat, and I got the foot well in front of the back seat. No.8 Sis and No.9 Bro hadn’t been born yet, lucky bastards.

WAC 2015 OCT-2

I still listen to Elvis on occasion, and I’d totally LOVE to dress like this!

Here are the women: In the top photo, from left to right are friend “P”, No.2 Sis, and niece “S3” (as opposed to her sisters, “S1” and “S2”).

wac 2015 oct-4

In the bottom photo, No.1 Sis is on the left and I’m on the right. We’re posing in front of an aqua wall-mounted refrigerator/freezer.

The exhibit was tons of fun and inspired quite a few family memories. We shared our stories at the post-adventure luncheon in the History Center cafe and even had strangers from neighboring tables chiming in. Minnesota nice, ya know?

Now, all I want for Christmas an aqua wall-mounted refrigerator/freezer.

Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Cozy Little House.

p.p.s. I also shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.


Laundry Closet, or 299

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I called No.2 Sis last Sunday and asked her if I could borrow my drill. She graciously said yes.

Before she came over, I cleaned out the laundry room closet. I threw away a pair of shoes. I put two more pairs in a Goodwill bag with some jigsaw puzzles. And I recycled two bags of bags. That brings me to 299 bags, boxes, and small pieces of furniture I’ve gotten rid of since January of 2014.

Untitled design-3

When No.2 Sis arrived, I unpacked the two organizing widgets I’d purchased from Amazon. One was to hold the ironing board, and one was to hold the brooms, mops and dusters.

We decided to hang the broom holder first, because it looked more difficult. We held the broom holder up on the wall, and I drilled through each of the six mounting holes with a 1/16″ bit.

Then we put aside the broom widget and enlarged the holes to 1/8″. Hmm, too small for the drywall anchors. We tried 5/32″. Too small. 3/16″. Too small. I used every drill bit I owned. Finally, the largest bit gave us the proper-sized hole for the drywall anchors.

We installed the anchors, put the broom holder back up to the wall, and screwed in the six screws. Beautiful!

Ew, that broom needs a good hose-down.

Ew, that broom needs a good hose-down.

I hung the mop up. It slowly slid down to the floor. I hung the broom up. It also slid down to the floor. Damn it!

Well, at least the hooks would hold the dusters. On the contrary, the hooks were quite large, and the holes on some of the dusters were quite small.

I went to my trusty hardware bin, and pulled out some “S” hooks to adapt the dusters. Harumph! The “S” hooks were too small, too.

No.2 Sis noticed some plastic rings in the hardware bin. “What about these?” They were old plastic curtain rings.

The curtain rings were small enough to fit through the duster holes, and large enough to hang on the broom widget’s hooks. Unfortunately, they didn’t snap closed. A quick rummage through the kitchen junk drawer yielded some twist-ties, and I wired the curtain rings shut.

I hung the modified dusters on the hooks, hung the mop from another hook, and put the broom in upside-down so it couldn’t slide out of the holder. Beautiful!

I had to make it work. I damned well wasn’t going to try to get those six screws out after they were anchored into the drywall!

Sis and I figured the ironing board holder installation would be a piece a piece of cake after the broom holder experience.

laundry closet- ironing board widget

We held the ironing board holder on the wall, and I drilled two 1/8″ holes. Oops. The screws just popped into the holes with no resistance whatsoever.

Another rummage through the hardware bin, and we found two more drywall anchors and hammered them into the wall. The screws actually screwed in after that, so the ironing board hanger was securely mounted. Whew. I mean, beautiful!


I bought both hangers from The broom hanger was:

This got mixed, but mostly good reviews on Amazon. Some people did mention that their brooms and mops tended to slide out of the hanger’s grips. I should have read more of the reviews before I bought it. I wouldn’t recommend it.
The ironing board hanger was:
It would have been nice to have been told the drill size needed for the screws, but otherwise, good price for a good basic hanger. I’d recommend it.

Stay tuned…

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The Magic Veg Pot

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Dr. Paul, my naturopath, told me he hates vegetables just as I do. He told me to roast the veg in a terracotta pot, and they taste so good, they’re like candy.

The terracotta pots I looked at on-line seemed so expensive! I was thrilled when I found a $25 glazed pot at the Renaissance Festival that the potter’s saleswoman said could be used for steaming or roasting veg.

I tried it the other night. I chopped up some broccoli, tossed it in olive oil, and seasoned it with salt and pepper. I roasted it in the magic veg pot for 15 minutes at 400 degrees F.

It was awful. Maybe the broccoli was too old.

I got some fresh cauliflower the next night and tried again. This time I put half the veg in the magic pot, and half in a pie tin to see if there was a difference in taste. They tasted exactly alike. And the cauliflower still tasted like, I dunno, cauliflower. No candy. How very disappointing.

cauliflower and cheeses

There’s only one way to save this cauliflower. Cheeses.

Stay tuned…

p.s. I made $8 extra in September by selling one stamp set. Woohoo!





Another Day, Another Festival

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Last Saturday, my BFF “C” and I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Since parking is at a premium at the festival grounds, we drove to a nearby casino that was offering a shuttle service.

“C” popped into the casino’s loo, but she was much too quick. I was only able to lose $2.30 in the slot machines during her absence.

The shuttle dropped us off at the Renaissance Festival gate around 10:30 a.m., and the weather was perfect! It was 70 degrees F and sunny.

Renaissance Festival 2015

We started the day with the traditional cinnamon roll just inside the gate, and then started touring the shops in a clockwise direction (also traditional).

We weren’t too far into the festival when we came across a potter’s shop. I fell in love with little veg steamer for only $25. I wondered aloud if I could use it in the oven as a veg roaster, and the woman manning (womanning?) the counter said that I could.

I purchased the lovely lidded pot on the spot. The woman took my “Lady Visa” (I don’t have a “Master Card”) and wrapped the pot up for me. I told her I’d pick it up on the way out of the festival.

“C” also fell in love at the potter’s booth. She found a beautiful mug with a dragonfly etched on it. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to spend the money, so she decided if it was still there when we returned, she’d buy it then.

We continued on, from shop to shop. When we got to a stage that had belly dancers performing, we stopped and watched the show. “C” and I are both belly dance class drop-outs, so it’s fun to watch skilled performers.

After perusing a few more shops, and purchasing some essential oils, we sat down for Arthur Greenleaf Holmes’ performance of his Wildly Inappropriate Poetry. And it was WILDLY inappropriate! Bawdy in the extreme, and very funny.

By this time, the crowds were pressing in, the temperature had heated up to near 80 degrees (far out of my comfort range of 70-72), and “C” and I were getting very hungry. We waited in line for 20 minutes or so for slices of pizza. Renaissance pizza.

“C” and I decided we’d had enough fun for one day, so we headed back to the main gate. Then we had to backtrack to the potter’s place.

It had seemed so close to the gate coming in, but when I was hot and tired on my way out, it felt like MILES from the gate! We made it with minimal whining on my part and picked up my veg steamer/roaster. “C” looked for the mug she’d liked so much, but didn’t see it. Oh, well, que sera, sera, as my heroine Doris Day would say.

The pottery woman would have none of our “give-it-up” attitude, though. When she heard what we were looking for, she found the mug hidden behind a few others. “C” was happy to make the purchase!

We took the shuttle back to the casino, and headed straight home. And I’m proud to say, neither of us bought a single pair of earrings!

Stay tuned…