No.1 Sis planned the October meeting of the Women’s Adventure Club.

I asked her what to wear. She told me to just cover my naughty bits. Oh, I guess we’re not going to a Free the Nipple rally.

On Saturday, 5 women from the WAC 2015 went to the Minnesota History Center in downtown St. Paul.

No.1 Sis wanted to see the new exhibit there, Suburbia, so she planned for all of us to go¬† as a surprise. That’s the way it works. Find something that looks fun to you, and get everyone to go along without telling them what the adventure is.


Can you imagine driving from Minnesota to Seattle, Washington with nine people in a station wagon similar to this? Mom, Dad and No.7 Sis got the front seat. Three of the older kids got the backseat. 2 of the younger kids rode behind the back seat, and I got the foot well in front of the back seat. No.8 Sis and No.9 Bro hadn’t been born yet, lucky bastards.

WAC 2015 OCT-2

I still listen to Elvis on occasion, and I’d totally LOVE to dress like this!

Here are the women: In the top photo, from left to right are friend “P”, No.2 Sis, and niece “S3” (as opposed to her sisters, “S1” and “S2”).

wac 2015 oct-4

In the bottom photo, No.1 Sis is on the left and I’m on the right. We’re posing in front of an aqua wall-mounted refrigerator/freezer.

The exhibit was tons of fun and inspired quite a few family memories. We shared our stories at the post-adventure luncheon in the History Center cafe and even had strangers from neighboring tables chiming in. Minnesota nice, ya know?

Now, all I want for Christmas an aqua wall-mounted refrigerator/freezer.

Stay tuned…

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