I figured the Queen Bath was overdue for a clean-up, since I could no longer see the counter.

queen bath-1

The zipper bags are from my July Women’s Weekend. The clock doesn’t work.

The needlework of the kitten confronting a praying mantis has been leaning against the wall for years, while I tried to decide between hanging it, hanging a shelf, or installing a towel rack.

I’ve used this Waterpik once and I spewed water all over myself. I guess I have to get naked to use it, much as I have to get naked when cleaning the kitchen.

queen bath-2

And why do I have aluminum foil in the bathroom? Really, tell me why, because I can’t remember.

I put everything away and wiped the sinks and counter. I replaced the upside-down shelf in the middle with the curio cabinet I got for a pretty penny from my BFF “G”s husband.

Of course, this is what I really want, but time and money are required first.

I hung the kitten needlework, which was a gift from my BFF “T”, since I’d finally bought a little free-standing towel rack.

queen bath-3

Beautiful, yes?

I also went through some old paperwork from the garage and filled 2 bags of recycling. That makes 301 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture I’ve cleared out of the house since January, 2014. Even though the bathroom counter won’t stay this beautiful for long, those papers are gone forever! Yay!

Stay tuned…

p.s. I shared this at Chic on a Shoestring.