My BFF “C” planned our Women’s Adventure Club outing for November. Seven club members met in Hudson, Wisconsin, for their Christmas Home Tour.

We toured two McMansions, all decked up in their holiday finery. All the stair railings were decorated with swags of greenery and twinkle lights, every room had a fully-loaded Christmas tree, and there was even a real stuffed deer in one family room.

An upstairs hallway had a faux clothesline running its length, upon which hung a full collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. One had even won a blue ribbon in an ugly sweater competition.

There were ornaments of every shape and size, from home-made toilet paper roll snowflakes, to glass pine cones the size of a baby’s head.

We also toured the Octagon house. It’s a historic home in downtown Hudson built over a hundred years ago. It was built in an octagon shape in the belief that all the cross-breezes were conducive to healthy living.

The final home on the tour was a “green” home built by its owner, Gary, and shared with a large fish named Larry. It had a southwestern look from the outside, a bit out of place in frigid Minnesota, but the inside was very sleek and modern. The coolest part about this home was its passive solar design, which allows it to be furnace-free. In Minnesota, where temperatures can be below zero degrees for weeks at a time!

I would love to show you some photos from the tour, but I have to get them from my phone to the computer first. I know to do that I have to upgrade my phone plan to include internet, and I just don’t want to pay for internet. Instead, I just keep shaking my phone hoping the pictures will fall out. I’ll let you know if that ever works.

This was the last WAC for 2015, due to the holidays. Next adventure will be for WAC 2016.

Stay tuned…

P.s. I made $32 dollars extra in November. I won $15 at work for answering a quality quiz correctly. Then I sold $17 worth of mailing supplies to No.2 Sis for her Mary Kay business.