I woke up with a start this morning and sat straight up in bed. I just realized that I’m going to be 57 years old in a few days, and that means 60 is right around the corner!

For years I’ve been looking forward to 60 because I should be able to retire then. But it just hit me this morning that not only will I be retired, I’ll be old! Oh my Goddess, I don’t want to be OLD!

I hope I don’t fall into a depression. My first Great Depression was when I turned 25. I thought I’d have life figured out by 25. A quarter of a century of experience should impart some wisdom, shouldn’t it? I still felt like (and probably was) a clueless child.

My second Great Depression was at about age 37, when I realized I’d be 40 soon. I was facing 20 more years in a job that was stressing me out, I was cursed with a body that had started aching all the time, and I’d never even been to Europe! Alas and alack!

My actual 40th birthday was kind of a relief. I still didn’t have all the answers, but I finally felt like an adult. I owned a condominium, I had started putting away money for retirement, and I vacationed in Europe for the first (but not last) time.

At age 25, I had tried to picture my ideal future. I imagined myself in a cozy little cottage, with a fireplace, and tons of books on white bookshelves. I saw myself sitting alone on a little love-seat, dressed in a Chanel suit. I felt content and satisfied.

Now, at 57, I’ve been to the British Isles and continental Europe many times. I’ve even been to Africa!



I have a lovely house, that I’m still working on making into my cozy cottage. I have tons of books, but most of them are on the Kindle instead of on bookshelves. Who could’ve predicted?

I’m writing this while sitting on my charming, white slip-covered love-seat, in front of a roaring (hissing, gas) fire.

So what’s missing from my life? Nothing, except a Chanel suit. Where did that come from, anyway? I hate suits! Give me jeans and a tee shirt any day!

Ah, life is perfect, and age is just a number.

Stay tuned…

P.s. I shared this post at Chic on a Shoestring.