I tried two recipes from “Nourishing Traditions” cookbook.




I tend to follow the recipe exactly when making it for the first time, but I did a little tweaking on this one. I didn’t have a full, skin-on, bone-in chicken, only skinned, de-boned chicken breasts, so I cut the cooking time in half.

I realized afterwards that the accompanying sauce recipe relied on said skin and bones, so the sauce didn’t really work out for me. The chicken was excellent, though.

I’d meant to make the pepper variation of the recipe, but I found no red peppers in my grocery bag when I got home from my shopping. I remember picking up a red pepper, putting it back upon deciding to fetch a produce bag, getting the bag, and then…apparently NOT returning to the peppers. So I made the basic recipe.


The pepper steak recipe called for smashed green peppercorns and lemon juice as a marinade. Tip: Do not put peppercorns in marinade bag and crush with mallet, as the lemon juice, when added, will seep all over the counter through holes in the bag (caused by either the peppercorns or the mallet, or the combination thereof).

Never say I haven’t taught you anything.

I followed the recipe exactly, and it turned out to be delicious.

Stay tuned…

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