I ran across this on Pinterest: 17 Simple Daily Rituals That Make Life Immediately Better, by Chelsea Fagan.

17 is way too many for me to handle, but I thought there were some really good ideas in the article. Let’s review, shall we?

  1. Buying frozen fruits and vegetables. Makes sense if you live in the Frozen North, as I do. Frozen produce is healthier than canned, and cheaper than out-of-season, imported produce.
  2. Making extra food. Brilliant! I always do this, since I’d rather mess up the kitchen once or twice a week than every night.
  3. Setting up your coffee the night before. No coffee for me.
  4. Stretching.  It sounds like a good idea, but I think I pulled a back muscle whilst stretching this morning.
  5. Putting your alarm clock far away from you.  I have to do this, or I’ll just slap the alarm off and go back to sleep. How many times can you be 2 hours late for work without getting a scolding? (Answer: 1).
  6. Organizing your shoes. I only have 2 pairs of work shoes. They stay pretty organized.
  7. Using nice hangers. Yes, I love my velvet hangers!
  8. Taking stock of your refrigerator. Daily? Too much.
  9. Lighting candles. I should do this more often.
  10. Opening your curtains right away. Hahaha. In Minnesota, in the winter, there’s no point in opening the curtains at all. I go to work in the dark, and I come home in the dark.
  11. Getting flowers, and changing their water daily. I should do this more often, too.
  12. Writing down or cutting things out that are important to you. I don’t know, that would really make me feel like my mother, who was a paper hoarder. When she was in the nursing home, she wanted us to bring her boxes of papers from her apartment so she could sort through them. When she was on her death bed, I told her it was okay to let go because we’d finished her filing. I’m pretty sure she knew I was lying.
  13. Cleaning up a little bit as you go. I’m SO BAD at this!
  14. Drinking tea. I do this, but what choice do I have really, since I quit drinking coffee?
  15. Looking out the window. See number 10.
  16. Changing your route. Ha! I do this every time I get lost on the way home from work.
  17. Reading a little bit about the places you want to go. Brilliant! I do this, and it helps keep me from going bat-sh*t, burned-out crazy between vacations!


Stay tuned…