CHRISTMAS #1: Potluck lunch at “The Company”.

Each year, near the winter solstice, my fellow employees of “The Company” arrange a potluck lunch for all to share.

There were about 18 crock pots full of main dishes, a dozen platters of sausages, cheeses and crackers, multiple chips and dips, a plethora of salads, and a few things that defied categorization. There were also about eleventy-hundred desserts.

I brought napkins.

Approximate calories ingested: 10,000.

CHRISTMAS #2: Dinner with my BFF “L” and her family.

I went over to “L”‘s house on Christmas eve, laden with gifts for her and her twin boys, age 14. I didn’t get anything for her husband this year, because I don’t want him to get too spoiled.

After dinner and desserts, we played Cards Against Humanity. It’s very raunchy, and we had to explain some of the terms to the boys. We’re such good role models.

Approximate calories ingested: 10,000.

CHRISTMAS #3: Buffet lunch at the casino.

On Christmas day, I met No.1 Sis, and BFFs “V1” and “V2” at Mystic Lake Casino for the buffet lunch (prices extra high for the holiday) and a little light gambling.

My tip: Avoid the sugar-free desserts.

My other tip: Try the new slot machines that have the huge video screens. You’ll probably still lose money, but the graphics are awesome.

Approximate calories ingested: 10,000.

Money won: $35.

CHRISTMAS #4: Potluck lunch at No.1 Sis’ house.

No.9 Bro, along with his wife and two kids, were visiting Minnesota from their home in Washington state. We all gathered at No.1 Sis’ for a potluck lunch and some game-playing.

I brought celery.

Approximate calories ingested: 10,000.


“Christmas Belle” with Halie Duff, 1 time (don’t bother).

“A Christmas Carol” with Patrick Stewart, 1 time (the best “Christmas Carol” ever filmed).

“Elf” with Will Ferrell, 3 times (listen to the phone conversation the secretary is having the first time Buddy comes to visit his Dad).

“Arthur Christmas”, an animated British Christmas movie, 1 time (highly recommend).


Antacids ingested: Approximately eleventy-hundred.

Blood sugar: Too afraid to check.

Weight loss, against all laws of nature: 2 pounds.

Stay tuned…

P.S. A co-worker informed me there were 27 crockpots at The Company potluck!

P.P.S. I forgot, I still have one more Christmas to celebrate! That makes 5 this year!