2016 Resolution Update, January

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I told my BFF “G” all my New Year’s resolutions the last time I saw her, including my resolution to build up an emergency fund. She said, “No, don’t build up an emergency fund, or you’ll manifest emergencies! Create a Fun Fund instead.”

I already have a Fun Fund that I’ve started to save for travel (no traveling on the credit cards). I thought about it, and my second fund is to give me some peace of mind, to establish a financial cushion. I decided to call it my “Cush” fund.

I told “G” that I was starting to fund the Cush Fund by selling two rings. I was hoping she’d go to the pawn shop with me and help me negotiate a good price for them. “G” asked to see the rings. and when I showed them to her, she bought them from me on the spot!

I also got an extra paycheck in January (5 Fridays instead of 4!) and an unexpected check from my Dad’s estate.

Here’s the progress I’ve made on my 2016 resolutions, so far.


  1. CANCEL ALL CREDIT CARDS EXCEPT NEW 0% AND MY BANK VISA. I paid off all my credit cards except the new 0%, but I haven’t cancelled them yet.
  2. BUILD UP $1200 EMERGENCY  CUSH FUND. I have $847 in the Cush Fund. I started with $1 (so sad) in my savings account, added $500 from the extra paycheck, $150 from “G”, and $196 from Dad’s estate. This was a remarkably good month! I expect the deposits to slow down from here, at least until I have another five-paycheck month. Or maybe a tax refund (knock on wood).
  3. PAY CASH FOR EVERYTHING. (No new charges). I paid cash for everything this month! I budget $125 per month for out-of-pocket medical expenses, and I spent $200 this month, between prescriptions, a chiropractor visit, and a chest x-ray. Fortunately, there’s enough wiggle room in the budget to allow for an occasional overage, and I didn’t charge or dip into the Cush.

Although the check from Dad’s estate came with no explanation, the family grapevine says No.3 Bro started googling some web site that says, “You may have unclaimed money!” And apparently, Dad had unclaimed money.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Dad was the kind of guy who opened a new bank account every time they offered a toaster or an iPod as an incentive.


Thanks, Dad. I miss you.

Stay tuned…

Sick and Tired, or 317 Part 2

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It started on Sunday, with just a little tickle in the throat. By Wednesday, my cough was so loud and sharp, it set all dogs within a mile radius to barking.

I went to the doctor because my breathing sounded funny. Of course, it sounded fine at the doc’s. It’s like the car that won’t make that funny noise when you take it to the mechanic.

The doc took a chest x-ray and found that I don’t have pneumonia, yay! She said it was a bad chest cold, and don’t expect it to improve for 2 or 3 weeks, boo. She did give me a prescription for an inhaler as a lovely parting gift.

I missed work on Thursday and Friday (um, sorry about that Friday project deadline, guys).

Today’s Saturday, and I felt like I had enough energy for a little project. A very little project. A projelet, as it were.

I cleared my bedside table. This was a win-win, as I can now find the tissues without knocking over a bunch of water glasses.

bedside table-1

That’s it. That’s my home progress for this week.

Stay tuned…

p.s. A little tip for you; bite your cough drop in half before falling asleep. A whole cough drop is just the right size and shape to block your airway if swallowed wrong.

Then you’ll wake up in a panic, realizing you can’t breathe! You’ll reach for the phone to dial 911, but immediately recognize that you won’t be able to speak to the dispatcher, and they’d never get there in time anyway! You’ll jump up and race around the house, desperately praying you won’t pass out before finding something to Heimlich yourself with! You’ll find a chair to throw yourself on, cough up the lozenge, and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

But why am I telling you this? Surely no one is foolish enough to fall asleep with a cough drop in their mouth? ((blushing))


Bits and Bobs, and 317

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I celebrated my fifth and final Christmas 2015 a week ago Saturday with my BFF “G”. We met for lunch and a gift exchange in Rochester. I also brought a stuffed-full bag of paper grocery bags for her husband “M”. He uses them in his small business in lieu of buying logo bags.

After lunch, “G” and I went to the book store, where “G” bought a boatload of books. I bought nothing. I’m so proud of myself. We lingered at the in-store coffee shop for a while, sipping and chatting, until it was time to part ways.

Before I left, though, “G” asked me to turn around. I did, and she gave me a few light swats on my full and generous bottom. She explained that when she’d asked her husband if he wanted her to give me anything from him, he said, “A spanking”. Aww, and I only got him paper bags.

After work on Tuesday, I worked on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Of ,course, I stayed up way too late  drinking (water and cocoa), which meant that I had to get up twice during the night.

The first time I got up, Bella Cat followed me into the bathroom and sat in the sink. Very odd. The second time, she followed me in, and sat in the shower. She never goes into the shower, as she’s learned it’s wet in there.

Ahhh, the light bulb came on. I went to her water dish and found it dry as the Sahara. Clever cat. Forgetful Mama.

On Wednesday, I cooked. Mushroom Burgers (from Top 200 Low Carb Recipes) and Citrus Herb Chicken. I also made Turkey Soup without a recipe and it turned out not-so-great. I ended up throwing that away.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to my BFF “V”‘s house to play cards with my City Sisters. No.8 Sis was absent, as she’s visiting a friend in India right now.

I made Caprese skewers for the gathering. I saw the recipe on Pinterest, but I added pepperoni. It was so good, I made some more for lunch today.



In addition to the bag of bags given to “M”, I topped off a bag of clothes to donate. That puts me at a total of 317 bags, boxes or small pieces of furniture gotten rid of since January, 2014.

Stay tuned…





A Day Without Electronics, or 315

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Most weekend mornings, when I first get up, I reach for my Kindle. I check my e-mails, I read my favorite blogs, I check out the news, look at some You Tube, and I play a few rounds of slots.

I say to myself, I’ll just play with my electronics while I have breakfast. Eventually, my battery goes dead and I have to admit I’ve just wasted half the day. And now it’s time for lunch.

Last weekend I decided one day would be electronics-free, so I could get something done.

I cleaned the laundry room, which is the transit station to and from the car.



I cleaned the hallway, which is the overflow transit station.



I went to the grocery store, and the bank.

I cleaned out the fridge.

I made Bone and Leaf Soup.

I did the dishes and the laundry.

And I continued to work on cleaning out the Art Studio. I shredded 4 bags of old papers and threw another 2 bags of recycling in the wheelie bin. That makes 315 bags, boxes, and small pieces of furniture I’ve gotten rid of since January of 2014.

And, of course, I spent lots of quality time with Bella (who wears the pants in the family).



Stay tuned…

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8 Favorite Posts of 2015

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Happy New Year! Here are the favorite posts from 2015.

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Stay tuned…

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