My niece S3 (as opposed to her sisters, S1 and S2) arranged our Women’s Adventure Club outing for January.

We went to a concert by Peter Mayer. He’s a Minnesota folk singer-songwriter that I hadn’t heard of before our adventure. So good!

Peter put on a very fun concert. He’s very personable and chatted with the audience between numbers. The music was wonderful, uplifting at times, and sometimes very funny. One song is still stuck in my head, weeks later. (Dr. Seuss, is running loose, in my brain, in my brain, in my brain.)

I’d love to hear more of him, but I couldn’t decide which of his many CD’s to buy.

The concert was held in a Universalist Unitarian Church, or was it a Unitarian Universalist Church? Anyway, it was a fund-raiser for the UU church and it was packed.

Of course, I forgot my camera, AND my phone. A kind bystander took a group shot of the women with S3’s phone.

NO.2 SIS, S3, NO.1 SIS, ME, S2, C, D

NO.2 SIS, S3, NO.1 SIS, ME, S2, C, D

Stay tuned…