As I’ve been working overtime at “The Company” the last few weeks, I’ve found myself more and more drained. Not just physically, but mentally and psychically, too.

I went on-line to try to find tips on how to get some little energy boosts in my cell cubicle country club.

Most of the tips I came across used yoga poses to generate a little energy.

yoga pose for energy


























Ha! Can you see me doing this at work? I’d fall over and hit my head on my computer desk.

Wait a minute, concussion=time off work. Nah, I’ve heard that head injuries can contribute to dementia later in life. I already have my tent pitched on the outskirts of Alzheimersville.

The energy tips I’ve found most useful?

SIT UP STRAIGHT. Slouching or craning your neck to get a better view of your computer can cause fatigue and soreness in your back, neck and shoulders. Plus (woo-woo alert) keeping your spine straight allows your chi (energy) to flow unimpeded, while slouching goobers (technical term) your chi all to hell.

STAND UP AND STRETCH. Just don’t try the pose above, for goddess’ sake. The benefit of stretching is increased blood flow (and increased chi flow).

DRINK A LOT OF WATER. This keeps your brain hydrated. Not to mention giving you an excuse to get up often to go to the bathroom.

STEP OUTSIDE AND TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS. Don’t do this if it’s below freezing (Minnesota from October through April). Also, don’t do this next to the back door where all the smokers hang out.

HAVE A COMBINED PROTEIN CARBOHYDRATE/PROTEIN SNACK. A combined carb/protein snack, such as apple and cheese, or celery and peanut butter, will give you a long lasting energy boost. A chocolate doughnut will give you a short energy boost followed by a big crash. Unfortunately, I’ve been going for the chocolate doughnuts. Do as I say, not as I do.

chocolate doughnut



























A woo-woo bonus tip (this should not be done at work).

ENERGY RETRIEVAL from Sarah Petruno Shamanism. This really works to reclaim a lot of the energy you spend at work and in your relationships. Go to Sarah’s blog here for instructions for this simple ritual.

Stay tuned…