26 Minutes To Raise Your Self-Esteem

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I returned home from my Virginia vacation (more about that later) in my usual post-vacation slump.

My brain was tormenting me with, ” You over-packed. You didn’t walk enough. You spent too much money. You left your house a mess.” My brain can be so mean to me!

There was only one thing I could think of to raise my self-esteem.

Clean the kitchen.

I timed it. It took 26 minutes to take it from this:



To this:



I felt so good, I cooked a delicious pot roast, which we all know is Food-For-The-Soul. (Vegetarians and vegans, please disregard previous sentence).

Then I had to clean the kitchen all over again. Totally worth it.

I was so inspired that, while the roast was roasting, I cleaned the living room.



11 minutes later:



Note to self: buy lamp shade.

And the bedroom.



Hey, I would have thrown the clean laundry on the floor before going to bed.



27 minutes.





clean bedroom


And the bathroom.



5 minutes.



It’s really, really good that I cleaned up, since Old Al, the 80ish-year-old handyman at “The Village” (my apartment complex) came to unstop a drain for me. He brought Young Al, his 20ish-year-old assistant, with him.

I wasn’t sure why Young Al was there until I told Old Al that the previous tenant must have dumped grease down the drain, as the water that had backed up was quite greasy.

Old Al said, “What?” Young Al yelled, “THE WATER WAS GREASY.” Ah, Young Al was Old Al’s interpreter. Mystery solved.

So, all told, I spent 1 hour and 9 minutes cleaning my house. It took all day, because I’m a big believer in (long) breaks, but it was only 1 hour and 9 minutes of work.

It’s now time to do it all again, of course. Isn’t it funny how that works? I’ll do it today, before my amazingly high self-esteem crashes again.

Stay tuned…


Sunday Inspiration…218

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Bella, the cat, got me up at 8:00 this morning. I got myself some breakfast and then made a list of things I should get done today. 27 things. Oh. My. Goddess.

I sat in my easy chair, whimpering, until noon. This is the effect long lists have on me. I had to call No.2 Sis for support. She told me that even Mary Kay (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics) said you can only get 6 things done in a day. And Mary Kay was a workaholic, which I am most definitely not.

So I threw a coat over my ever so chic sweat suit and told Bella, “I shall return anon”. Yeah, she has no idea what that means.

1. Go to Chuck and Don’s to pick up cat food. DONE! I even remembered to find my coupons first. Yay!

2. Go to Walgreens to pick up Walgreens type stuff. DONE! And what I needed was on sale. And gave me 3000 points. Oh, joy!

3. Cook. DONE! I’m not sure that should have been one task, because I needed to marinate and freeze 3 kinds of chicken, cook some veg, and make a shrimp salad. If it’s only one, it’s a BIG one.

Chicken: Citrus Herb, Fajitas, Parmesan

Chicken: Citrus Herb, Fajitas, Parmesan

Shrimp Salad. Oops, forgot the slivered almonds.

Shrimp Salad. Oops, forgot the slivered almonds.

4. Lay out clothes for the week.  DONE! Because it’s been so chilly at work, I started with a big shirt, sweater, or jacket and built from there.


Clothes for the week. Oops, forgot the pants.

5. Clean and cut up the cat box. DONE! The lid is broken. It keeps trying sever my arm every time I clean the box, so I had to remove it (the lid, not my arm). A new box is on its way from Amazon.

6. Take out the garbage and recycling. DONE! I won’t count the garbage bags because it was just the usual weekly accumulation. But I recycled 6 bags worth of paper and cardboard.

I also filled up a bag of food to take to work for our annual food drive. So that gives me 7 bags for the week, putting my count at 218. Sweeeeet!

Stay tuned…

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I went to see Dr. Paul on Thursday. Dr. Paul is No.2 Sis’ naturopath. I went into the appointment feeling very anxious, because I knew he was going to put me on a detox diet, first thing. I was right. But he was like a charismatic preacher. By the end of our three hour appointment, he was flinging out his arms, exclaiming, “And you will feel SO GOOD! You will have boundless ENERGY! And your cravings WILL BE NO MORE!!” And I was jumping up shouting, “SUPER!! SUPER!! SUPER!!”. Because “hallelujah” would have been embarrassing.

Today (Monday) is day 4 of no caffeine and day 1 of no carbohydrates. I can eat meat and non-starchy vegetables. No eggs, no bread, potatoes, rice. No dairy, and you know how much I love cheeses!

I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and I have to spend today preparing veg for salads and stir fry. I’ll also cook up some chicken breasts and make some chicken soup. Since I’ll be stuck in the kitchen today, I’ll work on some cabinets. Might as well make room for the toaster and the coffee maker. They won’t need to be on the counter any more.

Here’s the cabinet before:

Cabinet beneath coffee maker.

Cabinet beneath coffee maker.

Cabinet housing the coffee maker.

Cabinet housing the coffee maker.

I filled a bag of recycling, and a box for Goodwill. That brings me to a total of 170. The toaster is behind the coffee maker, and the mixer and small crock are on the shelf. I kept a couple of the seven vases, and a decorative plate and tray. They have to be stored somewhere I’m more likely to remember them, probably in the hutch. Oh, I guess the empty wine bottle, saved for sentimental reasons, should go in the hutch too.

Well, the cabinet is cleaned, the cooking is now done (several hours after starting this post), so now it’s time to clean the kitchen, take out the trash and recycling, and lay out clothes for work. I’m on overtime, so no time to shilly-shally in the morning! And I do LOVE to shilly-shally in the morning!

Stay tuned…

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