I’ve heard it said that god created the universe in six days, and on the seventh day, he rested.

I call bull. I’m pretty sure that on the seventh day, god had to do the housework.

Yesterday, on Sunday, I did my daily tarot reading (woo-woo alert) and it said, “Don’t just sit there! Get something done!”

I did 5 loads of laundry. Darks, whites, reds, delicates and sheets. God probably wouldn’t have had to wash darks, but he I’m sure he had countless loads of whites.

I also cleaned the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

I wondered as I was cleaning, is there a patron saint of housecleaning? The Catholic¬†church¬†(of which I used to be a member) has a patron saint for everything. I expected her (of course it would be a woman) to be named St. Dustina, or St. Cobwebbia, but it’s St. Martha.

St. Martha, if you know your bible stories, was the one who did all the cooking and waiting upon when Jesus visited. She complained about her sis, Mary, not helping her because Mary was instead hanging on every word J. said.

Do I have that story right? Or did Mary complain about Martha bustling about when she should have been listening to J? This is why they kicked me out of Catholic Club; I can never keep the stories straight.

Anyway, J. said, “Cool it, gals. It’s all good.”

And then Martha became the patron saint of housekeeping and Mary became the patron saint of hanging on a man’s every word like he’s god or something.


M, M & J

M, M & J


Today my daily tarot reading (woo) said, “Don’t just sit there! Go vote!”

It’s a weird time for an election. They’re usually the first Tuesday in November. But apparently some things must be decided, and they can’t make decisions without me. Off to vote, I go.

Stay tuned…